31 January 2012

The Finish Line

Here we are.  One year later.  Super Bowl, Super Week.  I’ve almost made it through one year without T.V.  The blog has been, well . . . let’s just say inconsistent.  The blog was never the purpose, anyways.  It has always been getting away from something that I believed was influencing my heart in a negative way.

The question now arises, “Was T.V. having a negative impact on my heart?”  Yes, I believe it was.  Yes because I was dwelling on things that were not true,  honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, or praise worthy (Philippians 4:8).  My heart and mind were not only bombarded, but focused on the content I allowed to pour into it.  My body and soul was at war with itself.  I would start my mornings with the Word of God and end my days with the lies of this world.  I was giving the enemy, God’s enemy, permission to build an Army base in the sovereign territory of my heart.  Another way to look at it is this: It’s like I borrowed money against God’s dwelling place (my heart) to remodel a room for the lies of Satan to move in.  Trust me - those two are not good roommates.

Now what?  What will I do with T.V. now?  I’m not sure.  I will watch the Super Bowl this Sunday and I’m excited about that.  After that, who knows.  At this point we are not planning on getting our cable turned back on.  Right now I enjoy the fellowship I have with God.  It seems uncluttered and purer than it was a year ago.  Why would I want to jeopardize that?  I seem to be more sensitive to the moving of the Spirit and less concerned with myself.  In the end that’s a good thing.  My biggest fear is that I’ll treat this like I treat my diets - I’ll do a great job and then binge and end up right back where I was or worse.

No matter what, I know the Grace of God is more than enough to sustain me and forgive me.  After all, it has been God’s Grace that has enabled me to go a year without something I love and enjoy.  It was God’s grace that was there when I was bored or lonely and it was His grace that was there when the Vols opened there 2011 season and I didn’t watch.  It’s His grace that has made this entire experience one of joy not want;  learning not legalism;  and liberating rather than restrictive.  More than anything else, it is a growing (but still feeble) understanding of the grace of God that I have gained over the past year.  And I’m grateful for that.  I don’t believe that is a result of no T.V. - that wouldn’t be grace.  Rather it is just God being God and giving a good gift to his son.

So, praise God for His grace and for offering it to all who would believe in the name of His Son, Jesus!  Praise God for offering a very special year for me to get to know Him a little better!  It was more than worth it.

Until the Super Bowl,
What are you watching?


  1. I have taken your challenge for 2013. Any advice would be great! God Bless


    1. Harmon, I hope your journey is rewarding as mine has been! It's amazing that even 1 full year after I ended my television fast, TV has remained just a background occasional part of my life. It is so wonderful not to be tied to TV.

      If there are times when you struggle or feel like you are missing out - I encourage you to step back and look at the big picture of life and death and eternity. In the scope of eternity, just how important is that TV show you are missing? Asking that question always helped me put things in perspective.

      God Bless You on your journey!