15 February 2011

1 Down 51 To Go. . .

Alright.  I've done it.  One week without T.V. (well, almost . . .more on that in a minute). I suppose its not that big of a deal.  51 weeks from now will be a big deal, if i can manage.  There are a few things I noticed this week.  Here's my top ten:

1)  T.V. is virtually unavoidable in our society.  I mean it is everywhere.  The doctor's office, the bank, restaurants, on your phone, computer, above urinals on bathrooms.  So, know this - I will see T.V. this year - can't help it, but I will not watch it.  There is a big difference.

2)  T.V. is a very useful tool.  I realize that the last statement in point one needs to be clarified.  This past week there was winter weather moving into my area.  I had a Wednesday night church service and a Thursday night seminar involving over a hundred people for which I was responsible.  I kept checking the internet, but when people were telling me what the news was saying it didn't match-up to the internet.  So, I watched the weather.  Nothing beyond that.  There will be times when I watch the weather.  Our area is a tornado super-highway, so this spring when severe weather is threatening, I will be watching.

3)  I have read more.  Right now I am reading a biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  It's good!

4)  I help my kids with their homework more.

5)  I eat less.

6)  I am exercising.  (this list is making it sound like I was a selfish, curmudgeony, sloth a week ago.  I wasn't.  I swear.)

7)  The rest of my household is watching much less T.V.

8)  Christy and I talk more. (Honestly, communication has never been an issue anyway).

9)  I'm not quite as anxious to get the kids to bed (but I still look forward to it - I need quiet time).

10)  I am not sure how long these trends will last.

There you have it!  The top ten things I notice after just one week without T.V.  

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